11 dic 2011



Frédérique Edy French,was born in 1967 in Antwerpen,Belgium.She lived with her family in Prétoria (South Africa), USA and since she was 12 years old in Paris.She now lives and works in Cariatiz,close to Granada in Spain.She studied from 1989 to 1992 with the sculptor Manfredi Quartana ( himself studied with Etienne Martin) and from 1994-97 studied stone carving in the "Ecole de la Glacière" in Paris.From 1997-99 she won the Residency in the Casa de Velazquez (Madrid,Spain).
She was awarded: in 1998, the Prix Paul Belmondo, in 1999 the Prix G.Wildenstein from l'Institut de France, in 2000 the Grand Prix du Portrait Paul Louis Weiller.
Her work can de found in the private collection of Prince Rainier of Monaco , Prince of Asturias,Maria Lucia and Ingo Klöcker and was brought to Art Fair Chicago 2010,the Istanbul Art Fair 2010 as well as Karlsruhe Art Fair 2011,Kunst Zürich 2011, Art Paris 2012,Karlsruhe Art Fair 2012 and Kunst Zürich 2012 by the Susanne Albrecht Gallery,Berlin,which promotes the artist.
Her work is also shown by Galerie Peinture Fraiche in Paris, and Andreas Henn Gallery in Stuttgart.